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It takes an entire community to improve the mental wellbeing of its residents. Everyone has a role to play, including business leaders and non-profit partners. We believe that #ZeroReasonsWhy, along with its tools and resources, should be accessible everywhere. Every community has teens who are passionate about mental health, but many haven’t yet been given the opportunity or support to organize. We are actively seeking partners to join the movement and help us broaden our reach so people in every community can unite to prevent teen suicide.

As a business leader or non-profit partner interested in the mental wellbeing of teens, you have the ability to bring more energy to the movement—amplifying stories to remove the stigma of mental health, improving education and building broad community support for the topic. By partnering with #ZeroReasonsWhy, organizations show their communities, consumers or constituents that they are invested in public health through empowering teens to work alongside mental health leaders toward suicide prevention.

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