ICT Teen Council Meeting Recap December 4th, 2023 Semester Recap

What are your thoughts?


  • Soccer game bracelet trade was a success. Got the schools involved on a larger scale
  • Will finally get to do our middle school presentation!
  • Love Snapshots of Support events
  • Convening was fun and effective


  • Need more male attendance
  • Wished there was more meetings
  • Advertising could be better


  • Could offer zoom meeting options for those who can’t make it
  • Holiday themed in-school events
  • Story Day in schools to increase engagement
  • Have 2 meetings per month
  • Hold board members accountable for their actions and reliability


Goal/Event Planning for Next Semester

Group 1:

  • Create posters and hand it to teen board members to put in their schools
  • Create more little handouts for teens to bring back into their schools
  • Like wellness bags, but pens tied with “What is Zero Reasons Why” ribbons (can be done during ZRW meetings)
  • “Share your reason why not” – Positive Initiative on social media
  • Doing Story Day in schools

Group 2:

  • Focusing more on community outreach
  • More advertising on social media platforms
  • Pizza & Pickleball event targeting the male audience
  • Have written homework for each meeting
  • Offer presentations in school as well, once per month to reach a larger audience ● Have an All Guy event
  • Have 1 Board Meeting per month (closed) and then a normal teen council meeting open to the public


Middle School Presentation Recap December 7th, 2023 | Valley Center Middle School


  • Lots of engagement
  • Great listeners
  • Students were great at asking questions and answering our questions
  • Overall experience was good
  • Everyone was able to rely on each other
  • Pre-run through helped with presentation day


  • A few students were disruptive or zoned out
  • Wished we could have done more than one classroom
  • Could have included more interactive aspects
  • Had a hard time keeping track of time


  • Offer an option when booking a middle school event to select multiple classrooms or what setting they would like us to present in
  • 2-3 should be presenting per presentation
  • Include other ways to get to know the students a little bit more