Health Professionals

The perceived separation between mental health and physical health has existed for far too long. Prioritizing them equally helps remove stigma and barriers teens face when seeking help. Zero Reasons Why® works closely with and relies on the expertise of health professionals across the Mental Health Continuum of Care. In every community with an activated Zero Reasons Why® campaign, local Community Mental Health Centers are at the core of the campaign’s efforts and provide a pathway to engage directly with teens both inside and outside of school. It gives communities a framework to increase prevention efforts, while also increasing awareness and utilization of the local mental health resources available.

Mental Health
Continuum of Care

Zero Reasons Why® falls within the promotion and prevention categories of the mental health continuum of care and is typically one of the key prevention efforts in a community, to reach a teen before they progress along the continuum of care. To learn more about the impact of the campaign in our fully activated communities, click below.

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