Parents and Caregivers

You’ve likely found your way to this page because you’re a parent or caregiver who deeply cares about the wellbeing of a teenager. As an adult who cares, there are many ways you can help improve the mental health of the teens in your life.

The teens involved in the campaign believe one of the biggest barriers to their mental health is when parents or caregivers don’t recognize mental health as a real or valid health concern. Having an honest, empathetic conversation about mental health with their parents can be challenging, let alone accessing additional support like therapy when needed.

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You’ll hear stories from young people across the country, which provides incredible insights into the lived experience of teens right now. You’ll also find educational content, resources and a community of like-minded mental health advocates.
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3. Share your story.

Peer-to-peer conversations are incredibly important to remove the stigma of mental health. When parents hear from other parents about their journey, it helps everyone feel supported, encouraged and normalizes mental health conversations.

4. Check out our resources.

With parent-centered videos and educational topics, our resources page has information for everyone.

5. Advocate in your community.

Are you connected to your school, healthcare system, government agencies or business/non-profit leaders in your community? Share the campaign with them and reach out to find out how to bring Zero Reasons Why® to your area.