Teen Crisis Series

Friend Conversation
Snapchat Message
Failed Test
Goodbye Note
Giving Away Valuables
Hate Comment
Relationship Ultimatum
Friend Self-Harming
Ready to Stop Trying
Bullying for Seeking Help
Social Media Message
Parent Suicidal Ideation

Awareness Videos

Suicide Warning Signs
Many Reasons, Zero Reasons
We Matter
Teen Activism
Three Pillars Explained
Three Pillars Graphic

Parent Resources

A Conversation with Your Teen
Worried About a Friend
Teens Educating Parents
Anxiety and Overwhelm

To All The Parents

Message for Parents
Meaningful Conversation
Educate Yourself
Discussing the News
Suicidal Text Message
Mentioning Suicide

Video Stories

Will’s Story
Carlie’s Story
Rory’s Story
Lina’s Story
Hayley’s Story

Print Materials

Social Media Content Downloads

Social Influencer Kit
How To Have a Conversation
How To Reach
Out For Help
Mental Health in Changing Times
Protecting Your
Mental Health
Back to School Tips
Flip the Script
Suicide Warning Signs
When To Check In
Questions You Can Ask
Remove the Stigma
ADHD Content
Eating Disorder Content
Seasonal Affective
Disorder Content
Borderline Personality Disorder Content
Instagram Story

Campaign Branding