Chapter Information

While everyone is invited to join our campaign by sharing why you care, becoming a digital advocate or following us on social media, some communities also have fully activated campaign chapters with localized Teen Councils, individual strategies to meet the needs of their population, community mobilization efforts and outreach events. Those activities are all made possible with the support of a community mental health center and participation of school districts.




Jackson County

If your community does not have a Zero Reasons Why® chapter, here are some actions you can take right now:

1. Start a Club.

If we don’t have a fully active chapter where you live, you can help us start the campaign in your school or community by starting a Zero Reasons Why Club.

2. Let your voice be heard.

Share why you care and help us remove the stigma of mental health through storytelling. You can add your voice to the conversation through our easy storytelling platform in video or text. It’s one of the fastest ways to make a difference.
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3. Sign up.

We’ll add you to our email list for campaign updates and ways you can get involved as we continue to expand.

4. Be a digital advocate.

Using your platform on social media or in person will spread the message more quickly. Follow us and reshare our content to your network.