Potential 4/5 Community Convening Discussion Topics  

  1. How do you take care of your mental health during the summer?
    • What are some self-regulation practices that work for you? What makes you feel good?
    • What is “emotion provoking” for you? How do you cope when that situation arises?
    • Possible Rephrase: what are you worried/excited about for this new season?
  2. How does our environment affect mental health?
  3. If you had a magic wand, how would you use it to improve our community’s mental health?

Tik-Tok Filming Day

We are working to schedule a Tik-Tok Filming Day. Our goal is to recruit several teens who would be interested in filming short video clips that we could begin using to populate our Tik-Tok and Instagram channels.

An invite on GroupMe and a date/location(s) for filming are forthcoming. We hope to discuss date, location, and topics with teens at our March Teen Council meeting. We are looking to either an April or May date for filming, though are open to a date in the Summer if teens would prefer that, perhaps to be done in conjunction with our Summer Orientation/retreat.

Teens who are interested in this filming should review the Tik-Tok filming day document that was developed by our interns last fall. While some of the content and locations listed are subject to change, but the document provides an overview of what to expect. We likely hold a filming day in conjunction with or in lieu of a Teen Council meeting.