“I’m very passionate about mental health and suicide prevention because I’ve experienced anxiety and depression. Some days it’s a lot worse than others, but it doesn’t get better until you’re willing to get help for it. For a long time I wouldn’t allow myself to talk about my struggles, as I felt like I was burden. It was long journey to feeling comfortable about talking about these issues and hearing others’ stories really helped me. 

As an African American woman, things that have been happening in this world have been hitting me very hard. For about a month and a half straight, I put a lot of my efforts into being a voice and trying to share any stories or ways that people could help the Black Lives Matter movement, until it exhausted me and I felt more sad than happy in doing so. While I still try my best to stay updated, I’ve decided to take a break from social media for a while and it has really made a big difference. 

I would like everyone who is struggling with mental health to know that people in your life are willing to hear about your problems, you’re not a burden, all your feelings/problems are valid and it’s okay to take time for just yourself.” 

— Imaje