It’s no secret that teens are struggling with mental health, but we believe there are zero reasons why we should struggle alone. How can schools help? The CDC recommends school based-mental health education and peer connection as an effective approach. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Zero Reasons Why Clubs – a new way to bring teen-led advocacy and mental health awareness directly to your community! 

About the Zero Reasons Why Club Model

Zero Reasons Why is a teen-led campaign to remove the stigma of mental health and prevent teen suicide. Our new Zero Reasons Why Club is a turn-key solution for teen leaders to bring mental health awareness, support and resources directly to their peers. Teens take the lead in this club, with adult sponsors supporting them. Designed to be easy to implement, we provide everything needed to easily launch Zero Reasons Why clubs in schools: 

  • Mental health resources to equip students and club sponsors to advocate effectively. 
  • Comprehensive meeting guides to drive meaningful conversations about mental health. 
  • Engaging activities and videos to inspire action and raise awareness. 
  • Ideas and planning guides to host in-school awareness events. 
  • And more! 

By launching a Zero Reasons Why Club at your school, teens will use their voices to create positive change as mental health advocates in their communities. Each month, students and sponsors meet to grow as mental health advocates, through discussions centered around our campaign’s three pillars: Removing the Stigma, Committing to Education and Building Community Support. You’ll discuss topics that matter, such as advocating for mental health, supporting friends, using your voice for good and finding support when needed. 

In addition to club meetings, Zero Reasons Why offers lots of ideas for unique in-school events, how students can reach their peers, ways to engage in digital advocacy and opportunities to join our nationwide movement to remove the stigma of mental health and prevent teen suicide. Throughout club meetings, students will also complete the Be There Certification, a free, online mental health literacy course. 

While the campaign and clubs are built on the strength of peer-to-peer influence, we can’t see real change without the adults in our lives providing guidance and removing barriers. Club sponsors are uniquely positioned to reach groups of teens and will be a trusted guide in their efforts to break down stigmas and encourage their peers to prioritize mental wellbeing.  

Be Part of the Movement!

Whether you’re an educator or a high school student, if you want to see more teens equipped to become mental health advocates, don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring this teen-led mental health campaign to YOUR school! Add your name to our club interest list to receive the latest information about how you can get involved and make a difference.  

About the Campaign behind the Club

Although our club model is new, the Zero Reasons Why Campaign has been making a positive impact in communities since 2018. Our research-backed framework has shown promise as one way to decrease teen suicide rates in areas where it is active, and we’re excited to extend this opportunity to more schools and communities. 

Zero Reasons Why began in Johnson County, Kansas, in 2018 after a rise in teen suicides in the region that mirrored a distressing nationwide trend. In response, community leaders, parents and teens came together to address the crisis. It was determined that teen voice needed to be elevated, stories needed to be shared and the community needed to take action to see real change — these became the foundational ideas of Zero Reasons Why. What began as a localized effort is now setting the pace for other communities, showing what can happen when an entire community is willing to work together to try something new and amplify teen voices.  

Learn more about our Campaign history and research-backed framework: 

Already have a mental health club at your school?

Our club model can help supplement it! We believe it takes all of us to create strong communities of support. Our club model provides a framework for schools to follow while also allowing space for collaboration and integration with other programs and initiatives. Our goal is to provide a launching-off point for teens and communities to come together under a common banner to create change. 

Please note that at this time, the Zero Reasons Why club model is only available for schools in Johnson County, Kansas – but we hope to expand to other regions in the future, so feel free to add your email to our interest form for updates on expansion!