One of the best ways to strengthen community support in your school is by hosting a Banner Day. The most common in-person #ZeroReasonsWhy event, a Banner Day helps schools unite their student body around the mission of mental wellbeing in a simple way that maximizes teen engagement.

“Banner days feel like an incredible way to further the conversation of mental health at school,” said Olivia, senior teen council member. “It’s such an easy way to keep the conversation going productively and let students know who and what their natural supports are.”

The mechanics of a banner day are simple:

  • We send a calendar link to sign up for your school’s desired time slot.
  • On the day of the event, we arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of your lunch period and set up at two tables, typically in a high-traffic section of your lunch area.
  • We provide a #ZeroReasonsWhy branded banner for students to write encouraging words, mental health mantras or messages of solidarity on pieces of tape placed on the banner. We pass out #ZeroReasonsWhy materials such as wristbands, lanyards, stickers and pamphlets.
  • You only need to do two things: set up two long tables and help identify two students who are willing to staff the table with us. That’s it!

“Banner Days are super beneficial for #ZeroReasonsWhy and teen mental health in general because they raise awareness,” said Rahul. “When people sign the ZRW banner they acknowledge the stigma around teen mental health and join to fight against it. At banner days, many students’ eyes are opened. Teens felt listened to and realized that they were not alone in their problems.”

Reach out now to schedule a Banner Day at your school before the end of the school year or to plan ahead for the fall semester.